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Constant Mouton, MD

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Dr. Constant Mouton

Dr. Constant Mouton is a registered psychiatrist currently living in The Netherlands. He works with clients and their families throughout Europe and focuses on providing culturally sensitive mental health care for people with addiction and complex mental health problems.

He is the owner and psychiatrist at Live The Road, his private practice in The Netherlands, works at a Recovery Centre in the Netherlands, and is the director of ARISE® Consulting, Europe.

During his training as a medical doctor and later specialising as a (neuro)psychiatrist in South Africa, he was trained to work cross-culturally, respecting and utilising peoples’ cultural heritage, religion and spiritual beliefs to understand and treat the person in their context better. As a medical specialist, he has experienced the value of the bio-psycho-social model of psychiatry. His studies and personal experience also led him to approach mental health and addiction problems holistically and engage and utilise clients’ strengths, families, and communities.

The Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu, “I am because we are”, resonates throughout his work. He believes that we access combined resilience and restore connectedness between people by working collaboratively. Through this connection, we are more robust and able to overcome adversity. Furthermore, the connectedness creates a space where we can learn, improve and grow, bettering our own lives and those of others. The process of personal growth, recovery and healing occurs when we know to focus on our strengths and resilience, creating our own story of mastery and success.

Presentations & Workshops

From Culture to Cells

A renewed trauma-informed, systems-based approach to assessment, treatment and prevention of addiction

Trauma and addiction affect all levels of human existence. We experience trauma on individual, family, community and global levels. It changes the biology of cells, how we function psychologically and even the cultures we live in.

Dr Mouton explores how trauma and addiction affect all systemic levels (biology - psychology - family - friends - community - culture - politics - spirituality) and how these systems interact. He will present a modernised, integrative approach to culturally sensitive, trauma-informed biopsychosocial care through case examples. He will link this to treatment interventions and prevention that can be implemented clinically, aligning with the values of and strengthening existing care models.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize how trauma and addiction affect humans biologically, psychologically, socially (family, friends, community), culturally, politically and spiritually.
  • Be able to collect relevant information from the client on all systemic levels and formulate a culturally appropriate, trauma-informed interpretation of the client’s needs.
  • Describe the strengths and resilience of all systemic levels.
  • Create a preliminary, comprehensive, holistic treatment plan, including all systemic levels, to promote healing across systemic levels.
  • Understand how the model can be integrated into their current care model and align this approach with the values of their facility to improve outcomes.

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