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Deran Young, LCSW, MPA

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Deran Young

Deran Young is a licensed therapist. She is also a Co-Author in the New York Time’s Best Seller, You Are Your Best Thing. During her time in graduate school, she studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa creating a high school counseling center and exploring the link between historical trauma and collective mental health. After many years of analyzing the epigenetic wounds of racism and anti-Blackness, Deran established Black Therapists Rock, a non profit organization that mobilizes over 30,000 mental health professionals committed to reducing the psychological toll of systemic oppression and intergenerational trauma. Deran practices psychedelic assisted therapy at Field Trip Health.

Presentations & Workshops

Transforming Legacy Burdens to Legacy Gifts

with guest Dr Richard Schwartz

A legacy burden is any harmful belief system or emotional pattern that is passed from one generation to the next. These include cultural or historical traumas and collective wounds resulting from systemic oppression. Deran Young (founder of Black Therapists Rock) and Dick Schwartz (founder of Internal Family Systems- IFS) have been working together for the past 5 years, to foster deep healing and cross cultural compassion through corrective experiences of collective self energy.

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Examine how the IFS model helps  build compassion across various cultures.
  • Understand "parts language" as a common tool to build cultural humility and self awareness.
  • Discover deeply hidden personal beliefs, attitudes, and biases about yourself and others.
  • Analyze the collective legacy burdens of racism, classism, patriarchy, and individualism and identify how these burdens influence power dynamics in therapeutic relationships. 
  • Utilize curiosity and self-compassion to gain a deeper sense of connectedness with others.  
  • Explore reactions and reflections following real-time demonstration of the unburdening process.

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