The Foundations of the Global Exchange 2023


Mental Health

Mental Health Founation attendees want to expand their continuing professional development on topics including trauma, eating disorders, grief and loss, Anxiety Disorders, Personality Disorders, Attachment Disorders, suicide and self-harm.

This foundation delivers thoughtful presentations and workshops discussing cognitive behavioral modalities as well as well as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodrama, Psychedelic- Assisted Therapy and Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Foundation attendees seek to broaden their knowledge of step-based, clinical and medical therapeutic modalities.

This foundation offers presentations on Addiction, Co-Occurring Disorders and Process Addictions. Presentations and discussions will examine treatment models, prevention and early intervention, experimental therapies, neuroscience, public policy and integrative service models. We will examine the latest scientific approaches coupled with evidenced based modalities.


The Wellness Foundation offers viable solutions for those seeking a transformation into a healthy and happy lifestyle. This foundation addresses wellness through detailed discussion and interaction sessions on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and spirituality.

The program will deliver research and science on topics including Brain-Gut Microbiome Axis, as well as more traditional approaches like acupuncture, breath work, yoga and Music Therapy.


The Leadership Foundation at The Global Exchange Conference is appropriate for individuals in the healthcare, hospitality, and service fields who are seeking to build cultures of excellence across their entire team.
Attendees will gain knowledge from experienced practitioners from Disney and other world-renowned entertainment and hospitality organizations. Presenters in these fields will focus on the guest experience and maximizing both client satisfaction and revenue.

Also represented are executives from large and small healthcare systems who will share tools they have used to get the most out of their employees in developing cultures of caring in otherwise scientific settings.

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The GXC Conference is an international conference dedicated to professionals who want to elevate their knowledge regarding therapeutic practices, treatment models, and the latest mental health, addiction, and wellness innovations.

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