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Dr. Gabor Maté

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Peter Levine

Whoopi Goldberg

Rob Lowe

Dr. Constant Mouton

Marianne Williamson

Prof. David Nutt

Dr. Tian Dayton

Dr. James Flowers

Dr. Karol Darsa

Dr. Alberto Pertusa

Dr. Jonathan Garabette

Dr. Neil Brener

Dr. Lou Cox

Professor John Kelly

Dr. Matthew Walker

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Dr. Kristin Kirkpatrick

Andrew Lovell / Anthony Gorry

Dr. Claudia Black

Dr. Derick Anderson, PsyD.

Jim Soda

Margaret Trudeau

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Dr. Annie Peters

Dr. Jacki Hillios

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Dr. Dawn Nickel

Dr. Debbie Boeldt

Dr. Deran Young

Stephen Porges / Deb Dana

Jaime Vinck

Dr. Marc Milstein

Dr. Marc Milstein

Matthew Vogl

Nicole Golden

Dr. Stefanie Carnes

Dr. Anna Lembke

Chet Burrell

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