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Karen Odell- Barber

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Karen Odell-Barber

Karen Odell-Barber is the founder and chairman of Neurologics, a company that specializes in brain mapping and brain training for people struggling with traumatic brain injuries and neurological disorders. Odell-Barber’s life changing work has been featured on multiple news networks across the country, bringing awareness to this revolutionary brain-enhancing technology.

Prior to founding Neurologics, Odell-Barber built her career as an adolescent and young adult therapist for over 25 years. She also held roles as Milieu Manager, Director of Business Development, and Chief Operating Officer for the Neuropsychiatric Center, Belmont Hills Hospital. Additionally, Odell-Barber has been a Clinical Consultant to numerous organizations, including Lifetime Television. Through these positions, she has cultivated many experiences in hands-on management within the areas of clinical service, utilization management and review, operations and maintenance, and outpatient services.

Outside of her working environment, Odell-Barber is an avid volunteer, advocate, and keynote speaker. She has presented at various behavioral health and neuroscience conferences throughout the U.S. Karen has volunteered as a lobbyist for the American Medical Association, and was able to successfully create change in 2004 when she authored legislation impacting U.S. healthcare delivery. Currently, she volunteers as a

board member for Prayer for Compassion, where she is tasked with international fundraising for over 19,000 orphans.

A member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Karen is the CEO of Treatment Consultants, LLC, a behavioral healthcare concierge case management company specializing in clinical consultation, triage, and case management of addiction, eating disorders, and co-occurring disorders.

Presentations & Workshops

Tackling Mental Health with Advanced Technology called Neuroengineering!

In this presentation, Karen Odell-Barber, MS, CISD, the Founder of Neurologics, will share three things:

  • how brain mapping helps practitioners see which areas of the brain aren’t working the way they should
  • how neuroengineering allows for more targeted therapy
  • and how Neurologics’ optimization program can heal the brain.

Attendees will learn how sophisticated qEEG brain mapping helps reveal what’s going on inside your brain and how these discoveries lead to powerful, targeted therapies that produce impressive and permanent gains in cognitive and emotional function.

For nearly two decades, practitioners & clients have found life-changing success using Neurologics’ brain mapping technology. This life-saving technology is the future of mental health care. Learn how this core technology can help you level up your practice.

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