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Dr Alberto Pertusa, MD, PhD

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Dr. Alberto Pertusa

Alberto Pertusa is a Psychiatrist working in private practice in London, UK. He is also the founder of the London Psychiatry Clinic.

Dr Pertusa has extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, including complex cases with anxiety, depression or addiction. He is particularly interested in how being on the ADD/ADHD spectrum can be associated with a higher risk for developing substance or process addictions.

Dr Pertusa is also very interested in the relationship between ADHD and certain problems such as Imposter Syndrome and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, and how this can increase the risk of certain addictive behaviors that can act as coping mechanisms to deal with emotional distress.

Dr Pertusa has a keen interest in Functional Medicine and how it can be applied to Psychiatry. He is also very interested in the potential use of ketogenic diets in mental health and is the founder of KetoMind, a service that offers medically supervised treatment for mental health disorders using ketogenic diets.

Dr Pertusa completed his medical studies and graduated in Medicine in Spain in 2001. He then completed his PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, King’s College London. UK. He has published numerous scientific papers and has been an independent reviewer for several scientific journals. He also completed a Masters in Science (MSc) in Affective Neuroscience (Anxiety, Depression and related disorders) at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and another MSc in Research Methodology in Health Sciences (Barcelona, Spain).

Presentations & Workshops

Social media influencers are redefining ADHD diagnosis and treatment: what are the clinical implications?

ADHD has gone viral on social media, creating a global community of influencers dedicated to spreading ADHD awareness and destigmatizing the condition.

ADHD Influencers are reshaping how we see ADHD. On TikTok alone, the #ADHD channel has already reached over 2.5 billion views, with other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Reddit not far behind.

As a result, many people are exposed to online content about ADHD, which can vary from helpful advice to potentially harmful misinformation–before they even seek a diagnosis. Recently, a wave of users claimed that social media helped them to ‘detect’ their ADHD after algorithms showed them relatable content about the condition and its symptoms.

ADHD influencers have also been instrumental in changing the perception of neurodivergent conditions by celebrating the unique talents of people with ADHD. Far from being a viral trend, the positive strengths of ADHD championed by online influencers also have a scientific basis.

Evolutionary models of ADHD theorize that many symptoms such as novelty-seeking, nomadic behavior and heightened sensory awareness may actually be evolutionary adaptations rather than deficits.

We are currently witnessing how increased awareness and recognition of ADHD online is driving global change in the understanding and treatment of neurodivergent conditions. Social media provides us with unique insight into how these changing perspectives affect patients, clinicians and scientists alike, giving rise to the Planet of the Neurodivergents.

This talk will discuss:

  • How influencers with ADHD created a global impact on increasing ADHD awareness through social media
  • How the information shared online compares with our scientific understanding of the condition and potential clinical implications
  • How ADHD may have played a role in the most recent stages of human evolution

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