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Andrew Lovell / Anthony Gorry

Andrew Lovell aka “Shovell” is best known for being the percussionist and member of multi-platinum/award-winning band M People. He has also collaberated with Sting, Soul II Soul, and Dame Evelyn Glennie.

Andrew has completed a three year course in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, he is a sound and Cranio Sacral Therapist and a Somatic Experience Practitioner. He is a public speaker as well as a tv and radio presenter for the BBC on various programmes.

Anthony Gorry has 25 years experience in the music and entertainment business, primarily as a music director, songwriter and producer. He has collaberated with world wide selling artists, having had success at the top of the US and international charts.

Anthony has a Bachelor Of Arts Honours degree specialising in Music and Technical Arts.

Anthony has worked with several international brands producing content for worldwide campaigns; his work has also featured in movies and television.

Presentations & Workshops

AJOIA – A Multi Sensory Musical Experience

AjoiA is a music and sound immersive therapy experience.

AjoiA will present an introduction to sound and music therapy, focusing on who they are, what they do and how it can be used in all arenas including wellness and healthcare, hotels and corporate business, for all people of all ages. It is totally inclusive and anyone can engage; you do not have to have a background in music to experience this presentation’s beneficial effects.

AjoiA’s presentation and multi-sensory experience at The Global Exchange Conference 2022, will include a live performance of music, percussion and visuals, mixing the technology of today and tomorrow with those of our ancestors.

The mood-enhancing properties of music, performance, and design, can help any living being with a nervous system. It can help people of all ages to improve their mental health and overall well-being, creating an environment that positively influences their frame of mind, energy and enabling beneficial rest and productivity alike.

Within the healthcare sector specifically, AjoiA’s music and sound therapy experience, can be used in early intervention and prevention of metal health issues, as well as being utilised for people with neuro development issues, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and those with Major Depressive Disorder’s (MDD).

We aim to improve how all individuals feel, to help people improve their mental health, their productivity, and lead them to an overall sense of positive energy and wellbeing.

Our intention, is always to offer a safe setting where our vibrational and wellbeing sounds, create an experience to positively stimulate the receiver, both sonically and visually within the subconscious, and throughout the nervous system.

AjoiA cater for a number of different bespoke settings, where clients play a role in creating and engaging with AjoiA, to those in a passive role, which involves listening and responding to the sound and music AjoiA create.

This particular presentation experience will include an hour of relaxation and tranquillity, a time for you to receive, as the sound and music vibrations surround you, visual images, both traditional and digital will be displayed throughout; various scents such as Palo Santo and white sage will be used; the sound waves from a Gong, the high pitched tones of a singing bowl, the emotive chord progressions of strings and the cascading pianos and bass drones will gently, softly but profoundly stimulate, to ease the nervous system.

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