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Dr. Marc Milstein

Dr. Marc Milstein specializes in taking the leading scientific research on health and happiness and presents it in a way that entertains, educates, and empowers his audience to live better.
His presentations provide science-based solutions to keep the brain healthy, lower the risk of dementia, boost productivity and maximize longevity. He earned both his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and his Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UCLA.

Dr. Milstein has conducted research on topics including cancer biology and neuroscience and his work has been published in multiple scientific journals. Dr. Milstein has been quoted breaking down and analyzing the latest research on television and in popular press such as USA Today, Huffington Post, and Weight Watchers Magazine. Dr. Milstein’s upcoming book “The Age-Proof Brain” will be published in 2022.

Presentations & Workshops

Slow Aging, Manage Stress, Boost Memory and Protect Your Brain Today, Tomorrow, and Years from Now

Did you know that beginning at the age of 40, the brain shrinks 5% every ten years? The aging process causes this shrinking, and it can have a devastating impact on daily focus, wellness, mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, productivity, and day-to-day and long-term memory. But it doesn't have to be this way. We—not our genes—can control our aging and brain health. Significant and just-published studies point us to a compelling conclusion. Just because one year has passed on the calendar doesn't mean our brain and body have to get one year older. Serious mental decline is not an inevitable part of aging. Your short and long-term brain health is in your hands. The same vital steps to optimize your brain health and wellness today also lower the risk of dementia by 60% if the right actionable steps are taken now. 

You will learn cutting edge science-based, practical tips such as: 

  1. Just discovered simple tips to do every day that slow brain aging, supercharge your memory, boost productivity, and protect mental health. 
  2. An action plan based on breakthrough insights to help you get energy-maximizing and anti-aging sleep. Discover the brain science-based secret to fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, and wake up feeling refreshed without touching a dangerous sleeping aid. Not getting enough or effective sleep depletes energy and raises the risk of depression, anxiety, and dementia.
  3. Which surprising foods boost brain health, memory and lower the risk of anxiety and depression. Find out the one sneaky ingredient in food that diminishes your daily focus and mood and can raise the risk of dementia by 50%. New research has uncovered that simple and easy-to-follow food tips dramatically impact brain wellness. No drastic diets are needed. 
  4. The common and often hidden health issues which significantly accelerate the aging process. Learn to look for the subtle signs before these issues develop and how to treat them.
  5. How to effectively embrace healthy stress and reduce unhealthy, dangerous stress with easy-to-adopt, highly effective techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime. 
  6. The often-overlooked factors that accelerate the aging of your brain and how to avoid these traps.
  7. What is real and what is hype in the world of brain health.

FYI: There are A LOT of products sold that make promises that are nothing more than a waste of time and money.

Keeping Your Brain Young provides empowering, science-based, practical takeaways to have your best days today, tomorrow, and years from now.  

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