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Courtney Leak, LCSW

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Courtney Leak

As the CEO of Haven Wellness, Courtney Leak, LCSW works to transform the narrative around what healing is and when we deserve to receive it. She utilizes her vast knowledge of human development, trauma informed care and systems theory to create a framework that is person-centered, creative and experiential. Courtney has curated interactive and dynamic wellness experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups for over 14 years. She firmly believes that the client is the expert of their story and that if they can view their journey in truth, love and compassion without judgment, they will find their whole selves and the freedom to live a life of purpose and connection.

Courtney doesn’t just preach these beliefs to others, she works consistently to model her values in how she ethically and creatively runs her business, consciously raises her son, and how she intentionally shows up in her community. Whether she is developing new practices for healing with clients, sharing innovative concepts through speaking engagements, or allowing her inner child the freedom to engage in a Hamilton rap battle with her son, her goal is to live and work with authenticity, purpose and joy.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Trans-generational Trauma
  • Complex Trauma
  • Attachment Issues
  • Adult Child/Parent Issues
  • Conscious Parenting
  • Accountability Tolerance
  • High Performer Stress
  • Racial Trauma
  • LGBTQIA+ Needs
  • Grief and Loss

Presentations & Workshops

The Freedom of Accountability

We are in a time where accountabiity is being sought after on a micro and macro level. Whether the accountability is desired from a parent, a partner, or a system; accountability can be as elusive as it is desired. What makes accountability so difficult. In a world where so many are working to stay above water due to trauma and the recent difficulties of the last few years, being asked to be accountable can be more than someone can tolerate. True accountability requires a level of self-reflection and vulnerability that is often buried under shame and self-defense. So how do we begin to peel back the layers that allow clients, organizations and systems to become more comfortable with themselves and in time more comfortable with owning their stuff? This presentation will provide an experiential journey through the barriers to accountability and how healing and self-love can break those barriers down.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide a comprehensive definition and understanding of true accountability.
  • Address the barriers to true accountability.
  • Provide a correlation between shame and traum and an inability to tolerate accountability.
  • Provide experiential techniques of assessment and tools to assist clients, groups and systems to increase their window of tolerance with accountability.

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