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James S. Flowers, Ph.D

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Dr. James Flowers

For nearly three decades, Dr. James Flowers has been one of the most recognized and respected names in the field of chronic pain, addiction, and pain recovery. With his broad educational background and extensive experience in evaluating and treating mental health, chronic pain, and co-occurring addiction, he is recognized as an expert.

Dr. Flowers has completed several fellowships in behavioral pain management and has completed clinical rotations at the top healthcare institutions in the country.

He developed mental health, pain, and addiction recovery programs for some of the country’s best-known healthcare and addiction treatment centers. He directed medical and clinical programs integrating evaluation, diagnosis, and healthcare planning with treatment to promote successful recovery.

Dr. Flowers co-founded several well-known, exclusive treatment programs throughout the country, dedicated to his passion – that of designing multidisciplinary mental health and addiction treatment with medical and clinical protocols – to help individuals suffering from mental health, addiction, chronic pain, and other underlying disorders, successfully recover. With a demonstrated commitment to creating positive change in the lives of his clients, he is dedicated to progressive healthcare, human healing, and developing healthcare systems that best serve this population.

Dr. Flowers has been executing the protocol for assessments and evaluations for many years. Still, in founding J. Flowers Health Institute, he has advanced the process to satisfy a great void – to provide truly comprehensive assessment and evaluation for those who need a diagnosis and develop post-evaluation treatment recommendations. Having spent over 28 years in the medical and clinical community, Dr. Flowers is uniquely qualified to assemble some of the finest health care professionals in the world to perform these evaluations and provide treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Flowers’ passion and dedication to his clients, as well as his unique approach, has earned him an exceptional reputation as one of the nation’s premier experts. He is a popular public speaker and lecturer to audiences across the United States and abroad and has led an exceptional and distinguished career.

Dr. Flowers’ latest endeavor is hosting his weekly podcast “Understanding the Human Condition.” In each episode of Understanding the Human Condition, Dr. Flowers and his most-admired mentors, respected colleagues, and VIP guests share valuable insight into underlying health causes, conditions, and issues. These in-depth yet approachable episodes are an excellent resource for both private individuals and industry professionals.

Presentations & Workshops

The Utility of Psychosocial and Collaborative Multidisciplinary Treatments in Pain Recovery and Chronic Disease Management

For both clinical and economic reasons, the increasing number of persons living with chronic health conditions such as chronic pain, Lyme disease, somatic symptom disorder and others, represents a public health concern of growing urgency. Emphasizing patient responsibility and acting in a collaborative nature in concert with the provider community, self-management represents a promising strategy for treating chronic disease. Clinically working with individuals to actively identify challenges and self-solve problems associated with their chronic illness decreases physician office visits, unnecessary surgical interventions and billions of unnecessary dollars spent on products claiming to cure the presenting disease. Self-management also shows potential as an effective paradigm across the prevention spectrum (primary, secondary, and tertiary) by establishing a pattern for health as early in the treatment episode as possible and providing strategies for mitigating illness and managing it in later life. Practical applications of self-management of chronic disease will be discussed in this presentation.


  1.  Identify six self-management intervention is most likely to improve health outcomes.
  2. Understand cultural norms and traditions in patient care settings when treating chronic disease in a multidisciplinary practice setting.
  3. Learn 10 differing disciplines who should be included in a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation setting when looking at treating chronic disease in a multidisciplinary practice setting.
  4. Understand and be able communicate eight everyday stressors that often trigger physical symptoms.
  5. Discuss six major life changes that can often coincide with the development of new or worsening symptoms of the chronic disease process.

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