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Licia Sky

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Licia Sky

Licia Sky is a somatic educator, artist, singer-songwriter, and bodyworker who works with traumatized individuals and trains mental health professionals to use mindful meditation in movement, theater exercises, writing, and voice as tools for attunement, healing, and connection. She is a regular instructor in trauma healing workshops at Cape Cod Institute, Kripalu, Menla, and Esalen. For the past decade, she has been teaching expanded awareness in workshops to clinicians and laypeople around the world.


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Expanded Awareness as an Integrated Practice in Psychedelic Healing / Exploring Growth Edges with Expanded Awareness in Psychedelics

Awareness of our bodily sensations holds an important key for understanding self-regulation, co-regulation, and healing from trauma. Restoring the ability and capacity to be aware in the present moment requires re-establishing awareness of our senses, and through them, an awareness of our nervous system, and being able to befriend our interior reactions to our surroundings.

Our senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, balance, and orientations inform our nervous system about our physical state of safety or danger, agitation or calm, and in turn, determine our capacity to focus and respond effectively to what is around us.

When we are exposed to high levels of stress and danger, especially in a chronic way, we may develop habits of numbing and shutting down overwhelming sensations and feelings in order to survive and keep going in the highly stressful moments. But chronic numbing and shutdown leave us at a loss as to how to live fully in safety.

Recently, psychedelics are the front of treatment discussions, because of how transformative psychedelic experiences can be. There is a tendency to attribute the healing solely to the medicine, but preparation, processing, and integration of these experiences are of vital importance for healing. Attunement, setting, intention setting, and the integration process create the powerful container that makes deep psychedelic work possible.

In this workshop we will learn, through guided focused exercises in the present moment, to notice subtle inner shifts, and pay attention to our senses, including the ways we habitually ignore our physical reactions. We will explore and activate the innate self-regulatory capacities that we all carry within us to more fully engage with our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and selves.

These exercises are all non-verbal, but time is provided after each exercise to process the experience and unpack ways they can be practiced to build the skills of self-awareness and enhance meaningful engagement.

Detailed Exploration of body sensations, orienting attention, breath, sound, self-connection in stillness, standing, and movement

∙ External focus— Direction of attention and energy
∙ Sense of Balance, Weight, Rhythm, Direction, Physical Tension, and Time
∙ Postures and feelings
∙ Noticing in Interaction- sense of connection
∙ Gestures in space
∙ Voice and vibration Practice and Grounding

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a detailed body tracking meditation that incorporates interoception, proprioception, and how they inform our sense of safety and availability to engage
  • Observe how non-verbal awareness affects physical and emotional states
  • Explore non-verbal vocalizing, how it affects our body, for, calming, energizing, and tension release
  • Learn to track shifts of state through non-verbal interaction in self and others to foster attunement

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