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Dr. Louis D. Cox

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Dr. Lou Cox

Dr. Louis D. Cox is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for over fifty-five years. His areas of expertise include the following:

Creating Conscious Team Dialog

Dr. Cox consults with different types of teams (executive/management teams, musical bands, community organizing teams) around developing and maintaining creative strategies for meeting their goals. His “Conscious Conversation” workshop trains teams to maintain a strong connection to their collective skills, intelligence, connection, and creativity, and to circumvent the barriers to sustaining creative team communication. This results in sustained high performance. Past clients include The Disney Corporation, AT&T, American Airlines, Sony Corporation, International Creative Management, Big Foote, as well as numerous successful rock and roll bands, including Aerosmith, REM, and Bon Jovi.

Alcoholism and Addiction

Dr. Cox is an expert in the area of alcoholism and addictions. He is experienced in the techniques designed to enable a family group or business colleagues to deal effectively with the insidious and destructive power of addictive disorders. Dr. Cox works individually with persons suffering from an addiction. He has also done trainings for the staff of several alcoholism and addiction treatment centers around the USA, UK, and Europe.


Dr. Cox is trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques, including psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, and cognitive therapy. He also teaches mindfulness, meditation, and a method of deep self-inquiry. Through individual and group sessions, as well as workshops, he assists his clients in releasing the grip of conditioned limiting self-definitions, and in re-connecting with the power and joy inherent in the Native Self. Dr. Cox also supervises other therapists in their practice of psychotherapy.


A Conscious Life: Cultivating the Seven Qualities of Authentic Adulthood. Conari Press, 1996. This book explores the nature of being an adult by describing the inner operating principles of a fully present and empowered adult. It includes exercises for the development of these qualities.

Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery. Epigraph Books, 2018. This book explores the nature of the ego, ways to release its grip, and how to consistently access the resources of our Native Self.

Emotions, Integrity, and Teams in the Workplace. Ethical Management, 1997.
Somebody Stole the Team’s Brain. At Work: Stories of Tomorrow’s Workplace, 1997.

Jeff Doemland

Special Speaker

Jeff Doemland

My professional life has taken a path as venturesome as my pre-professional life. As an undergraduate I took a hiatus after two years to wander the U.S., hitchhiking coast-to-coast several times and working a variety jobs, from itinerant day-laborer to ski patrolman to carpenter. Returning to school after three-years on the road, I earned a graduate degree in English and took a position on the faculty at Winthrop University, in Rock Hill, South Carolina. In the classroom I learned as much from my students as they learned from me – important lessons about creating the conditions people require if they’re to embrace experiences that are unfamiliar and challenging. I left academics to take a job as a TV news producer at the CBS affiliate in Buffalo, NY, where I produced programming that turned a light on a variety of local matters, including city planning, economic development, and efforts on behalf of the area’s disenfranchised. With a move to Connecticut came a move into the advertising business and eventually the health sector, with a job at the large health insurance company, Cigna. It was at Cigna where I was part of a small team in charge of an initiative to address the social determinants of health. In my current role as Wellville chief marketing officer I have the privilege of turning my passion for a great story and eye for what’s under the surface to the challenge of improving health for the people calling our communities home

Presentations & Workshops

The Saboteurs of Teamwork – Egos, Trauma, and Unconsciousness

Presenter Lou Cox with Co Presentator Jeff Doemland

   The persistence and exacerbation of all our social ills are a result of the unconscious rules built into, and sabotaging, our ‘problem solving’ conversations.

   Our egos are the enforcers of these rules regarding what is safe or unsafe to include in our conversations. And they do so outside of our conscious awareness.

   If team members, while seeking healing solutions for our social ills, are unconsciously under the sway of the same ego driven rules that cause the persistence and exacerbation of these ills, well…not a great recipe for success.

As Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

To paraphrase his quote: “We cannot solve our problems at the same level of consciousness that existed when we created them.”

The primary way team members relate to each other is through their collective team conversations. This workshop is not about finding solutions to our social ills. Rather it is about discovering a way of creating those solutions through a radically different kind of ongoing team conversation. A collective conversation that is not unconsciously controlled by the same ego driven rules that cause their persistence and exacerbation in the first place.

Learning Objectives - for participants include:

  • An understanding of why and how the way the team y relates to one another unconsciously, during their collective team conversations, needs to change.
  • Increased clarity about, and appreciation for, the rewards and risks to making those changes.
  • Heightened awareness about the unconscious forces at work collectively within the team members (‘embodied’ in their egos) which seek to prevent making these changes in their conversations. 
  • A format for internal team feedback, learning, healing, and consciousness raising that helps the team develop deepened respect for and trust in one another, as well as greater access to collective intelligence, intuition, insight, creativity, will, empathy, wholeness, and spirit.

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