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Tian Dayton, PhD

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Dr. Tian Dayton

Dr. Tian Dayton is a senior fellow at The Meadows and author of fifteen books including
 Sociometrics, The ACoATrauma Syndrome:, Emotional Sobriety and Forgiving and Moving On she is a Thrive Global and Huffington Post blogger. Dr, Dayton was on the faculty at NYU for eight years teaching psychodrama. Dr. Dayton is a fellow of the American Society of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy ASGPP, winner of the Lifetime Achievement award, their scholar’s award, the President’s award and editor in chief of the Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and sits on the professional standards committee. She is also the winner of The Mona Mansell Award and The Ackermann Black Award. Dr. Dayton has been a guest expert on NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Montel, Rikki Lake, John Walsh, Geraldo. For further information log onto tiandayton.com.

Presentations & Workshops

Sociometrics and Psychodrama as Expressive Arts Therapies

The research in neuropsychology has officially ended the era of talking heads and brought the body into the therapeutic room as a full and necessary part of the healing equation. Psychodrama, the first form of embodied therapy and sociometry an early theory of group dynamics, allow the body as well as the mind to have a voice and participate in the healing milieu.
Based on Dr. Dayton’s recent book Sociometrics, this workshop will teach user-friendly experiential processes that engage and bond groups, organically moving participants from states of dysregulation to self and co-regulation. Sociometrics activate the social engagement system in service of healing; they incorporate the research that needs to be taught in recovering from cPTSD into a lively format that gets people on their feet, connecting to their own inner world and sharing with each other in authentic ways. Sociometrics are easy to learn, they reduce the role of the therapist and enhance and empower group members to become stakeholders in their own recovery. They build emotional literacy, intelligence and resilience through structured, interactive “experiences" that feel welcoming, safe, moving and at times even playful. Sociometrics break down the categories of healing into manageable parts through processes such as floor check and timelines that are experiential and can warm clients up to focused, embodies role plays.

  1. To teach therapists an experiential/embodied process that reduces the role of the therapist and increases the role of group members so that clients become co-agents in each other’s healing and learning.
  2. To teach a user friendly approach to incorporating experiential work and role play into treatment, that requires less training than traditional psychodrama.
  3. To give therapists a way to engage and bond groups that is based on the principles of neurobiology that is interactive and fosters skills of resilience such as autonomy, engagement, self and co-regulation.
  4. To offer an experiential, embodied approach to teaching the issues that need to be covered in treatment of cPTSD while concurrently building the skills of emotional literacy, emotional intelligence and resilience.

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