The Global Exchange Conference Presenter - Adam McLean - Portrait Photo

Adam McLean

Adam McLean, Psy.D., serves as the Director of Business Development for Guest House Ocala. Upon receiving a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California University, Dr. McLean has continued to be involved in research activities in the areas of positive psychology, trauma, and addiction as evidenced by working with clients and their families by providing them with evidence-based tools and resources to help them understand the dynamics behind addiction and trauma.

Adam’s clinical career began in Northern Arizona in the non-profit community mental health sector. He assisted in development of a long-term extended care program that combined outdoor adventure therapy with traditional treatment modalities and has also created a long-term treatment center for young adults focusing on substance use disorders and collegiate recovery.

Adam’s passion, education, and experience has allowed him to help hundreds of families get their loved ones into treatment. Adams extracurricular actives include outings to the trampoline park, aquarium and swimming with his son.