The Global Exchange Conference Presenter - Carolann Valentino - Portrait Photo

Carolann Valentino

Carolann Valentino is an unstoppable force in the world of self-empowerment and ‘edutainment.’ As a dynamic speaker, Positive Psychology Practitioner, and 15-time award-winning entertainer, Carolann brings a unique blend of humor, inspiration, and practical wisdom to her audiences. With a rich background as a TV/Film actress, singer, producer, and improv virtuoso, she has captivated audiences worldwide, including on Broadway and international tours.

Although her time on FOX TV’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ was brief, Carolann’s career soared with her acclaimed one-woman musical comedy, “Burnt at the Steak.” In this show, she masterfully portrays 16 characters, sharing her real-life tales of being an Italian girl from Texas who took a leap of faith to conquer New York City and Broadway. Her journey also includes leading one of the world’s top-grossing restaurants in NYC to record revenues, demonstrating her prowess in both the corporate and entertainment worlds.

Carolann’s fearless transition from a high-powered corporate job to the unpredictable world of entertainment showcases her dedication and passion. Now, she transforms lives through her unique brand of ‘Edutainment,’ guiding Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and individuals on their paths to growth and self-repair. Her secret sauce? Love and the power of her secret weapon, her provolone balls, which she uses to teach others how to define their own unique strengths.

An award-winning fitness expert with extensive expertise in Applied Positive Psychology, Trauma Therapy, Resilience Training, and Positive Psychology Life Coaching, Carolann helps people unlock their ultimate superpower: intuition. As an intuitive coach, she turns challenges into opportunities, empowering individuals and organizations to soar beyond expectations. Whether helping executives overcome hurdles or equipping individuals with resilience and intuition skills, Carolann is reshaping the landscape of mental health with her groundbreaking approach.

Her newest project, the ‘Edutainment’ TV Talk Show “BYOBaggage,” set to launch in early 2025, promises to reach even broader audiences, further cementing her impact on the world.

Carolann has a remarkable ability to uncover hidden treasures of human potential and ignite greatness in everyone she meets. Her approach is more than just empowerment; it’s a transformative journey of engagement, inspiration, and BIG love!