The Global Exchange Conference Presenter - Kikan Massara - Portrait Photo

Kikan Massara

Kikan Massara is a psychotherapist, author and creative. A dedicated researcher of consciousness studies, meditation, and emotional health, she has long used art, myths, and symbols in her practice to facilitate access to the empowering resources of the inner world.

It was under the vast skies of northern Sweden that Kikan was born and raised. Just before starting school she awakened to the existence of an inner world. Her philosophical father showed her a photo of Mahatma Gandhi and spoke in great detail about the non-violent approach that had ended the British rule of India. In that moment her goal in life was unknowingly settled: she wanted to experience such inner peace.

The discovery of the works of C.G.Jung and other esoteric literature led her down many different paths of exploration in adulthood. These quests eventually formalised in becoming an accredited psychotherapist in the UK by the mid-1990’s, and also accredited, according to EU guidelines, by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. She holds an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling and has worked as a therapist in London, Stockholm and Paris. She also credits her own experiences of healing trauma, inter-generational legacies and harsh challenges of being a woman, mother, partner, and friend as invaluable practice grounds for learning and evolving as a helping professional. The author of The Twelve Steps—Symbols, Myths and Archetypes of Recovery, Kikan is currently working on a book focused on human emotions.