The Global Exchange Conference Presenter - Nicholas Brüss - Portrait Photo

Nicholas Brüss

Dr. Nick Brüss is a leading psychedelic therapist, researcher and educator, who is passionately pioneering treatments and programs that harness the synergistic potential of combining psychedelic medicine with cutting edge therapy modalities. A clinical researcher and supervisor on the ground breaking FDA Phase III clinical trial of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD sponsored by MAPS, he’s currently a lead therapist on the Phase III Psilocybin therapy study for Treatment Resistant Depression sponsored by Compass Pathways. Dr. Brüss is a co-founder of the Psychedelic Coalition for Health which trains therapists on how to be psychedelic therapists, a lead trainer at TheraPsil for psilocybin-assisted therapy, and is the Director of Psychedelic Medicine Advocacy for the TREAT California ballot initiative. He’s also a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator through UCLA and Compassion Cultivation Teacher through Stanford University School of Medicine.