The Global Exchange Conference Presenters - Sue Marriot & Ann Kelly - Portrait

Sue Marriot & Ann Kelley

Sue Marriott, LCSW, CGP, is a clinical social worker, author, educator, and podcaster who enjoys live music, van camping, and writing in Austin TX (and when possible, Asheville, NC where she loves to spot black bears and occasionally her three young adult kids). Professionally, her passion is bridging the life-changing relational sciences to those who would otherwise not have access to it. In that spirit, she co-founded an organization that brings attachment and relational neurobiology to students, local therapists, and the public called Austin Interpersonal Neurobiology (IN) Connection and served on the Board of The Global Assn for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS). The top-rated podcast, Therapist Uncensored, is an outgrowth of this passion and a partnership with her wife, Dr. Ann Kelley. In it, they enjoy deep conversations with many of the most prominent researchers and clinicians in the field. Sue has taught nationally on intersubjective therapy, attachment, trauma, and the translation of relational neuroscience to clinical practice. In her private practice, even after thirty years, she continues to enjoy working with individuals, couples, and groups, as well as providing professional study and consultation for therapists.

Ann Kelley, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who received her doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Kelley started her career as a Director of treatment for a juvenile justice facility that provided intensive and specialized treatment for the youth. In her position, she supervised specialized treatment programs for youth with significant trauma histories, provided workshops, training, staff supervision, and assisted in agency-wide program development. She now runs her own psychotherapy practice specializing in couples therapy and relational work since 2006. She is the co-founder and co-host of Therapist Uncensored Podcast, which is an independent, internationally recognized podcast that translates complex relational science to both therapists and interested learners. It remains in the top-ten of Apple’s social science-related podcasts. Dr. Kelley has presented training on Attachment and secure relating principles to therapists as well as podcasters. She and her wife and co-author, Sue Marriott, live in Austin, Texas where they raised their three now-launched children and love roaming the country and writing. Her professional and personal writing is motivated by her ongoing concern of the toxic and divisive strategies being used by media and political forces designed to intentionally provoke our nervous systems toward fear, anger and polarization. Her biggest hope and desire for this book is to ignite an open resistance to this path and promote deep and wide conversations promoting secure relating.