The Global Exchange Conference Presenter - Tascha Just - Portrait Photo

Tascha Just

Tascha Just merges 20 years of psychology expertise to foster resilience across generations. With Black, Indigenous, and Scandinavian heritage, she transforms learning into multicultural opportunities of growth and understanding.  A visionary at the helm of SEL Academy, Tascha stands out as a trailblazer in the field of social-emotional learning. Through innovative training and coaching Tascha has shaped the minds of both educators and mental health professionals. Her extensive experience as a school psychologist and behavior analyst further underscores her expertise in developing comprehensive programs that cater to diverse cognitive and behavioral needs. A holder of advanced degrees in school psychology and a bachelor’s in criminal justice, Tascha’s academic prowess is matched only by her commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments. Her leadership in SEL Academy is not just a role but a testament to her dedication to transforming educational and therapeutic practices for holistic development.