The Global Exchange Conference Presenter - Yulia Abramova - Portrait Photo

Yulia Abramova

Yulia entered the psychological field at 13 years old, when her school teacher offered her books authored by Boulby, Winnicott and Kernberg. Something clicked, as her own trauma history started to make sense. By 21 Yulia completed her MA in clinical psychology, as well as becoming an international trainer of Neuro-linguistic programming. 

Eager to connect her love for movement and body exploration together with history of developmental trauma and clinical knowledge, Yulia made a deep dive into somatic approaches of working with developmental trauma. Holding her own individual practice, as well as training emerging clinicians in the Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Yulia together with 2 colleagues has developed and taught the “Healing Trauma program”.  

Having her own experience living with C-PTSD, Yulia continues to find ways to support people out of experience of isolation towards capacity to receive connection.